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        Supporting the Athabasca Fire Department for 21 years!


Incorporated in May of 2000, the Friends of the Athabasca Fire Rescue Society was founded following a recognized need to support activities not otherwise funded through municipal operating budgets. The initial need? Vehicle extrication tools and equipment. Prior to the formation of the society, vehicle extrication services were provided by other volunteer fire departments that had to travel into the area to provide services when required.


From 2000 to 2005 the Society hosted several fundraising activities including raffles and pancake breakfasts until they were able to purchase the first set of used rescue equipment and a retired firetruck to carry it. Sadly, prior to seeing the vision come to fruition, one of the founding members of the society volunteer firefighter and RCMP Seargent Larry Mcleod was killed along with his wife in a motor vehicle collision with an impaired driver.


A lot has happened since then with vehicle extrication becoming a core function of the department funded through the town. This hasn’t stopped the society from continuing to help the department grow. In the years following the purchase of the rescue gear, the society has continued to support the department. In no particular order with:

• Purchase of a Lifepak AED

• Purchase of Embankment Rescue equipment

• Purchase of Ice Rescue equipment

• Upfitting to a donated half ton pickup

• Purchase of a used ranger side by side and trailer

• Purchase and upfitting of an enclosed trailer for wildland firefighting

• Construction and upfitting of a deck for the departments brush (wildland) truck


In the fall of 2016, the society was integral in the development of the fire departments water program.


With a new generation taking up the mantle of “Friends of the Athabasca Fire Rescue” the next round of big projects are now under way. Projects that help the volunteers serve the community better.


Travis Shalapay Fire Chief

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